Hi Disney lovers my name is Johanna Disney movies are a gift that go on threw generations im just hear to remind you of that feal free to ask me any question ill answer them the best i can. I hope this blog makes your day shine a little brighter °o°

disney parade 1and 2  by joel27

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» Day #1: Your favorite character


 I just love Tarzan his whole personality made me fall in love with him, and how when he was little he wasn’t excepted by the other Gorillas just made me want to cry. 

How me and my crush act when we sit next to each other:image

Eventually we start acting like this XD :imageWe have so much fun in classimageBut then out of no where he gives me this look:image

 Then i leave class feeling like this :image

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Oh, those magnificent creatures, shivering in cages. What is this world coming to?
—Professor Porter:(Tarzan)

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I absolutely love this  (art by Elixirmy)

Oh the power to be strong, and the wisdom to be wise. All these things will come to you in time.

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have you heard of mouth wash !!!

you will always be my mother 

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holy shit O.O

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